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       Luonto specializes in minimalist Scandinavian design, from easy-to-use sofa sleepers to modular sofas that maximize use in limited spaces. Luonto first began producing sofas in 1964 in Kurikka, Finland. True to Scandinavian design Luonto offers a broad range of choice that bridges functionality with sleek lines of a modern esthetic. We like to think their sleeper sofas are sleepers without the bulkiness of a typical sofa sleeper. Each sleeper has enough storage for a mattress pad, sheets, a duvet, and a few other things, maximizing usability without sacrificing style. They also offer modular arena chairs, perfect for apartment living, easy to move, easy to rearrange.

               Aptly named ‘Nature’ in Finnish is one the most forward thinking sofa manufacturers we carry. From cradle to the gate they make conscience decisions from design, sourcing of materials, to the long-term impact of the furniture on the environment of homes and the world.

               Each frame is made of solid Nordic spruce were all excess wood not used is recycled into pellets, generating about three thousand pounds of pelletized fuel each day. This is used to heat their factory, local apartments, and even a school. The water based glue used as well as the fire-retardant-free cold cure foams are sourced from inside the European Union. The way the materials are produced minimizes off-gassing during the life of the furniture. Most materials are sourced within the European Union, decreasing the amount of fuel needed to get to Luonto’s factory. Nordic spruce is a major export of Finland, and since 1928 the government realized it needed to be cultivated and harvested sustainably. 99% of all of the fabrics and leathers offered by Luonto are produced in the EU. At each stage of production, workers sign their work on the bottom of the frame. Less than 2% of all pieces fall short of in house quality control before being shipped for delivery.

        Luonto is all about recycling and using as much of all materials as efficiently as possible. All non-patterned fabrics are laser cut for maximum use, the scraps are sent to local felt producer to be recycled. The felts produced are then purchased to be used in frames. Foams are cold cured and made to specifically for each frame, any excess foam is recycled and used for padding on low wear areas. Jute strapping, auxiliary fabric, and linen felts are all grown from natural products. Dacron used is produced by a North European recycler who recycles about 4.5 million plastic bottles per day. The Dacron is a PET product that protects the foam from the upholstery. No chipwood is ever used in a Luonto frame, all wood is kiln dried in-house to make sure the moisture content is perfect for producing a long-lasting frame.

You can find most of there products here online, for a full catalogue please come into the store. 

There are two categories of lead times for Luonto products.

  1. Instock items come with one or two fabrics and come in only a few types of frames. Lead Times are about 2-3 weeks.
  2. Custom ordered items have access to a full range of choice for each frame, access to 150 different fabrics, different choice of legs, and different firmness of cushions. The lead time also increases to around 12 weeks.

Yes, Lounto offers custom options in different sized frame (Sofa, Apartment Sofa, Loveseat etc.), 150 different fabrics and Leathers, foam firmness, and a variety of leg options. If you have your own fabric you would like to you use, Luonto would be happy to put it on a sofa for you.

Yes, you can call the store to find out how much yardage is needed for a piece.

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