About us

What is Reclaim Décor?

Reclaim Décor, while having reclaimed products on its floor, is more of a statement on reclaiming one’s space. Expanding the focus of design and quality by adding in a socioeconomic and environmental focus. Our goal is to inform our customers of the products they’re investing in. From the process of production, the sourcing of materials, to how they will fit in their space. Reclaim Décor hopes every person who comes in more knowledgeable and as excited about furniture as we are by the time they leave.

Reclaim Décor, started in 2014 as a mixture of consignment and new furniture at the base of the Harbor Steps. We began our journey to provide Seattle and the surrounding area an avenue to both sell and buy consignment furnishings. Reusing older furniture is a great way to provide our customers with neat pieces without seeing them go to the landfill. To provide our showroom a cohesive design we picked new furniture from manufactures focused on creating quality products while protecting the environment and their employees in mind.

By 2016 we decided to move to a smaller location, where we are now, 2123 1st Ave Seattle Washington. While we decided to no longer take consignments, our beliefs and products we have not changed. We only use vendors with dedication to quality, environment, and the people they employ. Designs both unusual and stylish can make a great addition to any home. Lead times are short as most products are sourced from North America. Our products are made with daily use in mind, guaranteed to last for 10-20 years, our team is here to make finding the perfect pieces for your home easy and affordable.


Phone: (206-623-3636)

Email: info@reclaimdecor.com

Store Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10AM-6PM & Sunday 12PM-6PM, Closed Monday