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30" x 30"

About The Artist

Jason Sinclair Astorquia was born and raised in Twin Falls, Idaho, Jason originally trained at Yale University in Applied Mathematics. His professional life was primarily consumed with business operations, human resource management and benefits planning/administration, technology consulting & software engineering. Somehow, that whole world never quite fit and he forever found himself pursuing creative endeavors on the side and seeking to tune in to his “Truth.”

In this search He dabbled with writing music, poetry, screenplays and finally in November 2007, painting with acrylics on canvas.  After much work developing my own process and enjoying positive feedback from the art community, in June of 2012 he transitioned to be a full-time working artist which helped him find what he was looking for in life.

He experiments in abstract nature, figures, colors, concepts, and process. Thematically, He consistently explores the boundaries of reality.  He is an artist for change.

$ 1,800.00

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