Seattle Skyline Black

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12" x 36"

About the Artist

   Exploring her love of life and all that it encompasses: texture, simplicity, complexity, movement, color, spontaneity, awareness.  Brooke’s mixed media abstract paintings show her world through each moment she spends on the studio creating.

      Brooke Westlund uses many different techniques and materials to create her abstract paintings.  Different typed of paints, transparent photographs, dry pigment powders, stamps, encyclopedia cut outs, ribbon, etc.  She blends them with big brushstrokes, splatters, drips, bold colors.  The result of her time spent in the studio, the paintings, are her way of sharing her love of life with the world.  

      The outcome of Brooke’s time spent in her studio in Pike Place Market with her many eclectic materials, her music, and ideas are the mixed media abstract paintings that share her love of life and practice of being in the moment.

      On the paintings.....  "they are composed of many different moments of their own layered upon one another, there is a certain point where the painting seems finished but really it is just time to move onto a different stage in its life, in fact each painting continues to change each moment as more and more people experience it, it is ever evolving. It changes depending on where it is hung at the time and who walks by.  Even if you see the painting in a bar for a second as you walk by you had a moment with it and so you and the painting each contributed to each others lives even in a tiny way.  This process of being in the moment is how we should view our lives, not being attached to any one moment but just moving along.  Not worrying about the future or the past."

$ 150.00

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